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We are passionate about inspiring young people and students to pursue a career in fusion energy. We offer summer placements, year 10+ work experience and a summer school!

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Undergraduate and masters placements

Every year, we at UKAEA have many projects for students, both undergraduate and masters. These placements range from a few months to a year in industry projects, and provides the opportunity to join the Graduate Scheme post-degree.

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When do the placements open?

If you’re interested in completing a short-term summer placement with us, our applications run annually and are available. Additionally, some Year in Industry placements are also available for applications online.

Year in Industry placements which are not advertised publicly, in addition to Masters placements, are generally set up in collaboration with university courses with which we have special partner arrangements.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for please contact

Typical opportunities

South East Physics Network

South East Physics Network (SEPN) offers placements to those working in a physics discipline. The recruitment process is driven via the collaborating universities and will be advertised locally.


EUROfusion offers placements that are generally arranged directly with universities.

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Occasionally,  there are opportunities funded through collaborations between UKAEA and external organisations and institutions, who will directly advertise them.

Work experience

Do you, or someone you know, want to experience working in science, engineering, or a science community business support role before you decide on your future career? If so, UKAEA’s summer work experience programme may be perfect for you!

UKAEA’s Work Experience Programme invites students studying in academic years 10 and 11 to join us for a pre-set week of work experience during the summer.

Applications for this year’s work experience programme have now closed.

Details on how to apply to our Work Experience Programme 2024 will be added here in the Autumn 2023. 

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact

Two staff holding a meeting at UKAEA
Faiz Rahman, UKAEA Graduate Mechatronics Engineer

Case study

Faiz Rahman joins UKAEA’s graduate scheme after completing his student placement

Graduate Mechatronics Engineer

Before Faiz was a graduate, he took part in a student placement with us at UKAEA in the very department that he works in now. After graduating he chose to return to our team, already safe in the knowledge that UKAEA was where he wanted to be.

current opportunities

Browse some of our current job vacancies below.

Director of Fusion Technology

UKAEA Culham, Oxfordshire

Director Tritium Fuel Cycle

UKAEA Culham, Oxfordshire

Equipment Scientist

UKAEA Culham, Oxfordshire

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