Faiz Rahman joins UKAEA’s graduate scheme after completing his student placement

Before Faiz was a graduate, he took part in a student placement with us at UKAEA in the very department that he works in now. After graduating he chose to return to our team, already safe in the knowledge that UKAEA was where he wanted to be.
Faiz Rahman, UKAEA Graduate Mechatronics Engineer

Key achievements

Faiz’s biggest achievement in his career so far has been completing multiple tasks on the 18 tonne robot, TARM (Telescopic Articulated Remote Mast/Manipulator). He helped to bring it back to a working state after some complex technical issues.

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Stand-out projects

Bringing the TARM to life

This project involved Faiz and his team developing and implementing a solution for integrating sensor data from the TARM to the control system.

This project also involved bringing the TARM to life. In fact, this is one of Faiz’s key achievements in his career overall!

“I recently managed to implement all of my solutions and the system is now ready for testing and will begin shortly. The project took a year to get to this stage, which involves fixing some issues which were two years old.”

Mars Rover competition

Faiz took part in a project where he worked with a team of other graduates to build a prototype Mars Rover for a national competition. It required a collaborative approach in order to get the project from the concept stage to a working prototype.

“I was in charge of the Robot Arm section of the Rover, and we won the Innovation Award for our method of control, which we based on the MASCOT robot at UKAEA.”

“From both of these projects, I was able to learn and implement electrical and software solutions, in addition to my mechanical knowledge, to get the system working. Naturally this could only have been done alongside a very knowledgeable team who I learnt a lot from.”

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Graduate Mechatronics Engineer
RACE - Cybernetics
Joined UKAEA
MEng Mechanical Engineering

Faiz’s career so far

I’m looking forward to learning more and being able to implement the knowledge as I go along.
Faiz Rahman, UKAEA Graduate Mechatronics Engineer

Career development and support

Graduate Scheme training courses

As part of the graduate scheme, Faiz has taken part in a number of different courses and opportunities. These have included business writing, communication and time management courses. 

“Despite being busy with a lot of other things, the UKAEA team have always listened and helped with our issues where they could. It’s not just the support staff, my fellow graduates on the scheme have been instrumental to my development during my time here. We are all supportive of each other and help whenever required.”

Faiz is looking forward to furthering his knowledge in his chosen field as he continues his journey with us.

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