Executive Officer

Overview of Responsibilities

We are looking for 2 Executive Officers, one at Level 5 and another at Level 6. Industry specific knowledge and experience will be required for the Level 6 position.


Level 5 : £46,293

Level 6 : £56,556

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to make a difference? Join our team and contribute to the future of fusion energy. As Executive Officer, you will play a pivotal role in policy development and sponsorship of major programmes reporting into senior levels in government.

What will you be responsible for

  • Developing cross-company initiatives and special projects that are critical to the business on behalf of the Executive team.  
  • Briefing the Executive Directors on key issues and emerging problems, anticipating areas of scrutiny, highlighting issues and potential solutions to enable effective outcomes.  
  • Acting as secretariat for an Executive or Board level sub-committee to help enable effective decisions and provide assurance that governance activities are executed at the executive level. 
  • Ensuring the delivery of equality, diversity and inclusion commitments  
  • Assisting the Directors in guiding major planning exercises, such as crisis management planning and incidents, resource planning, and business planning. 
  • Establishing and developing a wide-ranging network within the organisation to ensure an effective information flow to and from the Directorate. 
  • Establishing and developing a strategic network outside the Authority linking to relevant stakeholders (eg. government, research councils, other PSRE’s and ALB’s) 
  • Guiding on sponsorship of programmes within UKAEA or its subsidiaries. Developing governance arrangements to assure the CEO of the probity of the programme/subsidiary. 

You should be able to deal with rapidly changing priorities.

£56,556 + excellent benefits including outstanding pension
Corporate Services
Type of Employment

Additional Information

A full list of our benefits can be found here https://careers.ukaea.uk/life-at-ukaea/employee-benefits/

We welcome applications from under-represented groups, particularly individuals from black and other ethnic minority backgrounds, people with disabilities, and women. Our Executive team, supported by our 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion' (EDI) Partner and Inclusion Ambassadors, actively promotes EDI and takes steps to increase diversity within our organization. We reinforce best practices in recruitment and selection and evaluate approaches to remove barriers to success.

Please note that vacancies are generally advertised for 4 weeks but may close earlier if we receive a large number of applications.

For applicants applying from outside the United Kingdom or those who have spent time outside the UK in the last five years, please visit the following link for information on criminal records checks: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/criminal-records-checks-for-overseas-applicants If your country of residence or previous residence is not listed on the website or if the UK Government does not have information on obtaining a criminal records check from that state, we regret to inform you that we cannot process your application.

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What can I expect from the application process at UKAEA?

Once you have submitted a formal application via our website, all CVs will be reviewed shortly after the closing date of the advert.

  • Submit online application

  • Phone interview

  • Face-to-face or virtual interview

  • Other assessments

Company Description

By 2050, the planet could be using twice as much electricity compared to today. Are you interested in contributing to shape the future of the world’s energy? If so, read on.

Fusion, the process that powers the sun and stars, is one of the most promising options for generating the cleaner, carbon-free energy that our world badly needs. UKAEA are at the forefront of realising energy from fusion, working with industry and research partners to deliver the ground-breaking developments that will underpin tomorrow's fusion power stations with the aim of bringing fusion electricity to the grid.

As we work towards our mission and goals, UKAEA has devised values that capture the spirit of how we work. These values include being: Innovative, Committed, Trusted and Collaborative.

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